Creepy, Stalkers!

Okay, we joke, we joke. 😀 But it does look like you’ve reached our “About Page” and that must mean you’d like to know a bit more about us, Serious Sword and Invisible Skull. So, we’re here to grant your commands! It’ll be like reading a good book because we’ve got so much to say about ourselves. (Kidding again) But just don’t ask too many questions! We’ll be on to you…

Heya, I’m Serious Sword! I’m 13 years old, August 28th, and my main jobs are being a blog author and “graphics guy”. In the past, I’ve worked on and with many websites and blogs. As well, I’ve been working with graphics for the past few years. Getting better as i go along. I find it quite fascinating that I can just sit there all day and doodle online. (Which gets me in big trouble with school most of the time!) I make the headers that you see at the top of the page, and pretty much everything else! Any questions about me further, feel free to ask BELOW in the comment section.

Hey, how you doin’. I’m Invisible Skull. I’m 10 years old, July 1st, and my main job is being awesome.!    (Full time job.) And my jobs for The Daily Poptropica are, Blog Author and Glitch Finder. I try to write as much as possible. But you know how the world works, we’re all very busy playing video games. When I get the chance and I’m done with my part time job, video games, I go out in Poptropica and look for glitches to share with everyone here



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  1. When will the about page be up?

  2. As soon as we find the time… It’ll be up ASAP! 🙂
    Thanks for waiting.

    • You’re welcome.

  3. May I join this blog? I have good skills and I use excellent grammar. I’m 13.

  4. Nice place here

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