The Energy Hog, Quest!

April 23, 2010 at 3:07 am | Posted in Poptropica | Leave a comment

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Until we put an end to pollution, there’s no way I’m going to leave my hazmat suit. Check the Poptropica store for a new FREE Earth Day quest. Not only will you be helping to save the earth, but just for helping out, we’ll give you some free Poptropica credits!

Well, as the above post stated by Hazmat Hermit, he’s not taking off his suit until the pollution from the air clears away! Well, I’m guessing we’d better help him then. To start helping, head over to the Poptropica store while logged into your account. The best part about the quest is, it’s a free one! (Like Haunted House)

  • The object of the quest is to go around shutting off lights, computers, televisions etc.
  • There are 3 floors of electronics constantly turning on from the Poptropicans
  • You have 60 seconds
  • You have to constantly go around turning off the electronics to try and keep the meter you have on blue.

All in all, quite simple, eh? Now, once you beat it. You get a free Earth Day, T-Shirt. AND… 50 Poptropica Credits to spend on anything you like! (If you have 25 more, of course) Have fun, and remember… When you aren’t using something, to turn it off and unplug it!! You’ll save energy just like the pork chop, I mean pig that gives you the instructions.

-Invisible Skull


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