Shiver Me Timbers, a New Port!

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.:Original Post:.

Ahoy! We’ve been sailin’ the high seas for more Poptropica adventures! Arr…what be this new port?

I’m guessing that this may tie into the “MANY NEW ISLANDS COMING THIS YEAR”, thing?

So, I downloaded it, obviously, to post it here. And if you noticed, the picture/file is called

Skull Duggery Island

Oh, that’s fun to say, and with the “dramatic” boost and sound effects. That could be a real winner right there. I could use that on my friends too! “Hey, Sword, where’s the milk?”

“On, Skull Duggery Island”

Okay, enough of that though. What does the word

Skull Duggery

mean, anyway? Well, I did a little research and came up with this result:

An instance of dishonest or deceitful behavior; trick.

Who in the world knows what that means… But anyway! Let’s hope to see more of this reveal in the near future of Poptropica. Well, I think I took up quite the amount of room for one post. Hmph, how am I going to explain this to WordPress when they ask me why my whole blog is covered in

Skull Duggery Island

-Serious Sword 😉


The Energy Hog, Quest!

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.:Original Post:.

Until we put an end to pollution, there’s no way I’m going to leave my hazmat suit. Check the Poptropica store for a new FREE Earth Day quest. Not only will you be helping to save the earth, but just for helping out, we’ll give you some free Poptropica credits!

Well, as the above post stated by Hazmat Hermit, he’s not taking off his suit until the pollution from the air clears away! Well, I’m guessing we’d better help him then. To start helping, head over to the Poptropica store while logged into your account. The best part about the quest is, it’s a free one! (Like Haunted House)

  • The object of the quest is to go around shutting off lights, computers, televisions etc.
  • There are 3 floors of electronics constantly turning on from the Poptropicans
  • You have 60 seconds
  • You have to constantly go around turning off the electronics to try and keep the meter you have on blue.

All in all, quite simple, eh? Now, once you beat it. You get a free Earth Day, T-Shirt. AND… 50 Poptropica Credits to spend on anything you like! (If you have 25 more, of course) Have fun, and remember… When you aren’t using something, to turn it off and unplug it!! You’ll save energy just like the pork chop, I mean pig that gives you the instructions.

-Invisible Skull

Grand RE-Opening!

April 22, 2010 at 6:55 pm | Posted in Other | Leave a comment


Boy, it’s been forever! I hope all of you have been well. I talk to much, so, I’m going to cut to the chase 😉

  • New Graphic theme! (With the help of Photoshop for Christmas)
  • New Header!
  • Mad Gamer changed has now changed his name to “Invisible Skull”! And will occasionally use Gamer, still.
  • 1,000 Hits! (We may be needing to throw a party of some sort?!)
  • I’m still awesome.
  • We’re going to be updating the best we can even with homework etc.
  • More Walk-Through’s and glitches!!

Well, that’s the best we’ve got for now! Tell your friends we’re open for buisness once more, and hope to see those page views continue to climb!

-Serious Sword

Offline For a While

November 2, 2009 at 1:43 am | Posted in Other | 3 Comments

Hey Guys…

Well, many of you have noticed we haven’t been posting in… Quite a while now. And the reason for it is because Game and I have been really caught up in school work and haven’t had the time for Poptropica or this blog… 😦 In less than a month, we achived 500+ hits! THANK YOU! No, we aren’t quitting, we’re just taking a break for a little while. Only because we don’t have the time. Over the holidays we probably will be posting more but for now, there’s only going to be occasional posts. Hopeing all of your Halloween’s were spooktacular and we hope to see all of you guys soon!

-The Daily Poptropica Team

Some Cool Key-Board Glitches!

October 15, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Poptropica Glitch | 1 Comment

Hey Guys, Serious Sword here!

Just thought I’d let you in on some cool glitches or ‘cheats’ in Poptropica! You use your key-board for them, so make sure to follow the ‘tutorial’ very closely!

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Internet Explorer 8, some of these do not work. So I suggest FireFox.

Control-Shift-S This will change your Poptropican’s  skin color FREE.

Control-Shift-R This will randomize your character. (This is also how you can get the cell phone.)

Control-Shift-P This will put a FREE pumpkin head on your face. (Won’t work with Internet Explorer 8.)

Control-Shift-1 A short-cut to laugh out of ‘multi-player’ rooms such as the Daily Newspaper etc… (Does not show in multi-player rooms, only you can see it.)

Control-Shift-2 A short-cut to crying out of ‘multi-player’ rooms such as the Daily Newspaper etc… (Does not show in multi-player rooms, only you can see it.)

Control-Shift-3 A short-cut to crying out of ‘multi-player’ rooms such as the Daily Newspaper etc… (Does not show in multi-player rooms, only you can see it.)

Control-Shift-4 A short-cut to jumping out of ‘multi-player’ rooms such as the Daily Newspaper etc… (Does not show in multi-player rooms, only you can see it.)

NOTE: To make these work, you must push down all of the same keys at the same time.

-Serious Sword

Advertisment Codes!

October 13, 2009 at 1:15 am | Posted in Poptropica | 5 Comments


Well, there’s a new Tinker-Bell ad, but I can’t view it! 😯 (Too old…) SO! If you’d like to get a ‘tutorial’ on this new ad. please visit the PHB by clicking the link above. But, I do have some links for multiverse advertisement rooms. (Please Note: I don’t know if this is a glitch or not but the items don’t save if you complete an advertisement in the rooms.)


  • CGR67 – TinkerBell Ad
  • CKH41 – Froot Loops Ad
  • CTU81 – Lego Racer Ad

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll probably post the Haunted House tutorial soon for those few who haven’t beaten it yet 😉

-Serious Sword

Haunted House, Released!

October 11, 2009 at 3:23 am | Posted in Poptropica | 9 Comments

Guess what, guess what, guess what?! HAUNTED HOUSE IS NOW RELEASED! (By the way, I found internet at a cafe, so that’s how I’m posting right now ;))

Are you excited for this? Serious Sword and I sure am! When I find the time, or when we get home, we’re DEFINITELY going to post the Walk-Through for this one! (If you guys haven’t beaten it by that time, or if it’s already gone…) Anyway, just though I’d tell you it was out! Leave a comment telling us if you like the Haunted House or not! 🙂

-Mad Gamer

Going Offline…

October 7, 2009 at 1:49 am | Posted in Other | 2 Comments

I know, very sad. But Gamer and I are going out of town for about a week or so and we won’t have internet… So that means we probally won’t be posting… But don’t worry! As soon as we get back, we’ll try and catch up by posting everything we missed. I may be writting to no one but, just I’d let you know. 😉

-Serious Sword

Walk-Throughs Page OPEN!

October 7, 2009 at 12:53 am | Posted in Poptropica | 3 Comments

Okay, I just finished updating the first Island…


Go over to the Glitches Page then click the Walk-throughs! Enjoy! Next Island, Shark Tooth! Be expecting that in the next few days.

-Serious Sword

Guess Who I Met…?

October 6, 2009 at 11:41 pm | Posted in Poptropica | 4 Comments

Serious Sword UPDATE: Guess what?! I met him, too like 2 minutes after Gamer!

PLUS! I met Vlad, but foregot to take a picture……. Sorry. If I meet him again, I’ll make sure to post it!

Hello Poptropicans,

Guess what? Today I was in a multiverse and….

I SAW NED NOODLE HEAD! If you don’t believe me look for yourself

The undefined means that’s him. It’s the only way to tell if it’s really them or not 🙂

-Mad Gamer

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